Se trata de una estructura única en el mercado, que ayuda a estructurar las ciudades y reduce muchísimo los costes de la empresa adjudicataria.

This is a unique structure in the market, which helps to structure the cities and greatly reduces the costs of the company in charge.

Intelligent Mobility seeks, through its hardware and software developments, solutions that effectively solve the implementation of the electric scooter in our cities.

For this reason, this October will bring to Trafic (the fair on Parking, Smart Mobility, traffic management. sustainable and innovative mobility solutions) the new electric scooter car park, thanks to which cities can effectively structure the service for the city.

The solution has many additional advantages. Among them, it allows the fleet management company to reduce operating costs by an estimated 75%.

“Up to now, shared scooter services have reigned supreme. People could pick up and leave the vehicle where they thought fit. That’s not happening anymore, and major cities are starting to limit the areas where you can leave,” says Cristina Sanz, co-founder of Intelligent Mobility.

“That’s what Madrid, for example, is doing. For an obvious question of public order. Throughout Europe, structured city solutions are being imposed. And that’s why we created this bicycle parking lot,” she adds.

The parking scooter solution, which will be present in Ifema, allows cities to get rid of the shared scooter services that we find in a disorderly way in many of our cities, by providing fixed structures where the user can take and leave the scooter

In addition, they offer an additional advantage. Intelligent Mobility can present a business plan associated with the installation of this car park for scooters, which makes the cost to the council is zero.


Each module will have capacity for four scooters, and the corresponding consistory will decide to put one, two or the correlative modules that it considers necessary. “It is a question of doing the same exercise that they have done, for example, with the shared bicycle”, concludes Cristina.

By doing so, governments can offer a sustainable mobility service, while maintaining the necessary order for the development of a friendly city.
The service of collecting, enjoying and parking the car park is integrated with the solution of the company managing the service.


Who also benefits from the installation of this infrastructure is the company managing the service are saved the main items of operation. With Intelligent Parking’s scooter parking, it avoids vehicle rearrangement services, theft, and scooter recharging services.

These services probably consume more than 75% of the costs of each operation. In addition to much of the costs of care and repair of the units.
In the modules that Intelligent Parking presents at Ifema, the vehicles will be protected, covered against inclement weather. While they are parked, in addition to respecting the order of the cities, they are being recharged (because the parking has batteries and solar panels).


Intelligent Mobility is the full service partner for city councils or tourism companies that are considering offering a shared scooter service.

We have electric scooters, car parks and the app that allows the complete management of the service.

“In addition, we have been in the sector for many years, and we provide strategic consultancy services. We are very accustomed to talking to managers of institutions and companies. And from the conversations there are always resolved doubts and great solutions that clearly benefit the end user”, says Cristina Sanz.