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Flexible technology adapted to any need in the mobility sector. We work collaboratively in niche sectors, accelerating processes and reducing costs.


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Own technologies: European R&D

The continuous integration of new technologies and developments allows us to work in different uses and combine them, allowing both cities and companies that hire us to incorporate multiple services providing the end user a single application and the network manager a single management software integrating all contracted services. 

Starting from the management platform and App Pverde we incorporate multiple services: safe parking of bicycles, loading point of bicycles and scooters, environmental sensing, eVehicule iot Controller ..etc.

Offering multiple turnkey solutions for our customers. 

Pverde Intelligent Management Platform and App

Platform designed to work with different user profiles, modular for different lines of business and adaptable to different configurations:

●     Web management: visible to the management team and system maintenance.

●     Pverde App that allows users to register and use all the services installed in their city.  

We will be able to work with White Label or with a personalized App for our client.

Santander Easo Intelligent Parking.

The SANTANDER and EASO bicycle parking lots are covered parking lots, with a remote control security system accessible to the user, with internal and illuminated video surveillance. They adapt to a multitude of solutions and can incorporate sensorization, renewable energies, charging points, self-arrangement zones. 

Bike-In loading point

Parking for recharging, prepared for bicycles without electric motor bicycles with all the eBike motors of the market (Bosch, yamaha…) and electric scooters.  

Modular, minimalist and compact design, high quality finishes, fast and intuitive use, own optimized technology and custom designed.

Environmental sensing

Our environmental micro-sensing stations allow us to deploy a whole network of nodes with which we create pollution maps of the city or region, to the detriment of the traditional single-point measurement model, lowering costs and with optimal results. We can measure all types of polluting particles, noise, humidity.

We cross all these data with those of the iot platform obtaining predictive reports.

Intelligent Parking for scooters

Currently the implementation of the scooter in cities requires organization and loading spaces in the street to facilitate its management.

We effectively structure the service for the city, in addition to reducing operating costs to the company managing the fleet.

eVehicule Iot Hardware

Hardware device that can be installed in any type of electric vehicle and allow communications and control of the vehicle from the server.  Covering both the features of GPS and especially datalogging.