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We are a leading group in the market. We develop products and services associated with electric mobility, as well as consulting for the development of sustainable mobility policies.
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Mobility solutions for companies and institutions

We offer you the perfect solution for public mobility services and for public or private organizations associated with the tourism sector.

Electric bicycle rental

Through our own hardware and software developments, we develop mobility solutions for private companies, public institutions and the tourism sector.

Intelligent Parking

We work with different types of bicycle parking, with multiple uses: rotational at destination, parking for residents at origin, intermodality …

Electric scooter rental

We search through our hardware and software developments for solutions that effectively solve the implementation of the electric scooter in our cities.


Our environmental sensing stations measure all recognized pollutants at a really low cost, allowing us to deploy a whole network of nodes to create heat maps of the city’s pollution.

Last mile on an electric bicycle

The last mile delivery by electric bicycle cargo requires a network of hubs to reduce distances and make a more efficient and sustainable delivery.

Data Learning

We capture data on mobility, tourism, network management and environmental data. We collect all the data, we generate value through our iot platform for users, companies, network managers and institutions.


We provide specialized advice on mobility, both conventional and electrical. We cover the particular needs of each client. Strategic mobility.

Engineering, R+D+I

We design and produce custom engineering projects. We are experts in the development of hardware and software, in the mobility sector Intelligent mobility is innovation.

Integral Solutions

We give you an integral solution, you don’t have to worry about anything, we offer turnkey projects for any of our developments, welcome to Intelligent Mobility.

We collaborate with | creating mobility solutions

Autonomous Hub for Cyclist

Autonomous parking encompassing all Intelligent Mobility products