Cycle tourism 4.0

We collect data through the different channels offered by our platform, both environmental and our users, analyzing them we provide service in real time, useful for users, institutions, cities and businesses.
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Why implement a tourism project 4.0?

We offer you the perfect solution for your public or private organization associated with the tourism sector


Extended throughout the year, a high quality tourism. A user eager to discover and be surprised.


Unique experiences, different each time, opposed to standardisation and carried out by the local offer involved in many of the tourism sub-sectors (accommodation, transport, experiences).


The user makes an assessment of the experiences lived, both on online platforms and in the traditional offer.


It’s spread over the territory. Expanding the benefits of quality tourism to various areas.


Value is given to destinations of interest by the local population, which they can share with travelers corners hitherto hidden from the eyes of tourists.


Big data allows a hypersegmentation of the public and, therefore, a greater personalization in the offer of services.

Environmental Sensing and Behavior Patterns

Autonomous hub for cyclist

We are part of SynchroniCity, a platform promoted by the European Union that opens “a global market, in which cities and companies develop services made possible by IoT and AI through pilot projects to improve the lives of citizens and grow local economies”.

Intelligent Mobility, in collaboration with our partner ECF (European Cyclists’ Federation) and its project Eurovelo, we are working on the development of a sectorized iot network for cycling, and thanks to the SynchroniCity plan we collect and study data on network management, mobility, environment and cycling.

Cycle tourism is a strategic sector for European tourism, since it moves more than 40,000 million euros per year, being a more responsible, sustainable tourism that brings opportunities to rural areas.

This solution has helped us to validate the Synchronicity vision and the technical framework, as we use and provide data from/to the synchronization plan in Santander, La Nucía, Donegal, Palencia, Tarrasa and Bezana in a standard way, facilitating and ensuring the replicability and scalability of the solution in different cities and uses based on synchronicity.


Welcome to Intelligent Mobility era